SoC&C: The Day of Prime

It is rare for a single sentence to signify a change in the course of history. Oh certainly, no-one will deny that words can be a very powerful tool, especially in the hands of those who know how to use and manipulate them to their full effect. The right words at the right moment can... Continue Reading →

Short Stories: A Twist Too Far

Author’s Note: Originally created for the Fantasy-Faction April 2015 Writing Contest. The theme was 'Plot Twist', in case you couldn't tell.   The warehouse was dark. Gloomy. Silent. The only sign of life was the occasional rat or cockroach skittering across the floor, dodging between the many stacked crates littering the room. Suddenly, a loud... Continue Reading →

Short Stories: In Hindsight, the Name ‘Doomed Soul’ Probably Should’ve Been a Red Flag.

Author's Note: This short story was originally created for the 2018 Spacebattles 'Spaceship in the Wilderness' Writing Contest.   “Alright, crew.” Captain Matthew Reed said, leaning forward in his chair. “I’m sure you all already know what the situation is here, but let me quickly summarise.” He took a deep breath. “Approximately three days ago,... Continue Reading →

Short Stories: Service with a Smile

Author’s Note: Originally created for the Fantasy-Faction January 2017 Writing Contest.   The Ventum Toribus Circle, 43 Blackgate Lane. Find your cure there. Jake Woodcastle looked at the address written on the small scrap of paper and shivered. A gust of wind buffeted into him, sending his coat-tails billowing in the breeze. For a brief... Continue Reading →

Short Stories: Cerberus

Author’s Note: Originally created for the Fantasy-Faction March 2017 Writing Contest.   Our name is Cerberus. Guardian of Tartarus, Hound of Hades, Devourer of Souls. We are three heads become one, three minds in perfect co-ordination and design. Three mouths to tear and bite, three noses to smell and sniff, six eyes to watch and wait. We are the strongest among... Continue Reading →

Ruk Ranks Every Movie He Saw in 2017 (25-21)

25. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle So, you may not have heard about this, but apparently this has actually been making a fair amount of money lately? Yeah, weird right? You heard it here first folks. That said, honestly... it kinda deserves it. It really is a very entertaining family blockbuster with a very rewatchable quality. Even as someone who... Continue Reading →

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