Short Stories

More or less what it says on the tin here. A place for me to post all my fun short (or not-so-short) stories that are unrelated to Sagas of Capes and Cowls or any of my other projects. Usually, these’ll be things that I entered for other contests across the internet, some with possibly some level of success!

That said, it’ll probably take me a while to finish fully editing my backlog, since a lot of these I wrote a long time ago and have not aged stupendously, at least not up to my current day standards, but hey, you might still find something to enjoy here.




The Story of a Very Good Doggie(s).


Service With a Smile

Assaulted by evil spirits and looking for a solution? Screw the Ghostbusters, have you considered your local coffee chain?


A Twist too Far

What Detective Tex Taylor first assumed to be a normal case ends up rather taking a turn for the surreal once the culprit makes an unexpected reveal. Now it’s only a matter of figuring out which will snap first. Tex’s sanity or the audience’s patience.


In Hindsight, the Name ‘Doomed Soul’ Probably Should’ve Been a Red Flag

A mysterious distress signal brings you to an isolated part of space. There you find an old, broken down spaceship, centuries old and of no make, model or class that you’ve ever heard of. In spite of the ship being seemingly abandoned, there is almost an eerie presence to it, a silent calling feeling that draws you near. There is only one logical conclusion left to reach…

If this isn’t the most obvious set-up to a Horror movie you’ve ever seen, you will eat your goddamn space hat.

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