Watching Old Movies: Vampyr (1932)

1932 Highest Grossing Film: Shanghai Express- $3,700,000 Best Picture: Grand Hotel What happened this year? Lotta big stars got their start in the film industry this year. Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn and Shirley Temple all made their first film appearances (although in Bergman's case, it was little more than an appearance as an extra.) Plus, Buck... Continue Reading →


Watching Old Movies: M (1931)

1931 Highest Grossing Film: Frankenstein- $12,000,000 Best Picture: Cimarron What happened this year? Bunch of little things. The Empire State Building was completed, the Star-Spangled Banner was officially adopted as the US National Anthem, the movie versions of Dracula and Frankenstein were released, starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff respectively (Sorry, already seen them so I won't be... Continue Reading →

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