Watching Old Movies: Modern Times (1936)

1936 Highest Grossing Film: San Francisco- $5,273,000 Best Picture: The Great Ziegfeld What happened this year? Getting away from Germany for once, this year saw the death of King George V in January, leading to his son Edward VIII taking the throne… only to abdicate in December to marry an American woman (and also because he might’ve... Continue Reading →


Watching Old Movies: 1935

1935 Highest Grossing Film: Mutiny on the Bounty- $4,460,000 Best Picture: Mutiny on the Bounty What happened this year? You know, I don’t usually like to start these yearly summaries off on a downer note, but I’ll make an exception here. After all, this year led to the beginning of years of strife and torment, the likes... Continue Reading →

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