My Top 10 Movies of 2018: Spiderman- Into the Spiderverse (1)

1. Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse You know, there's been a funny pattern with my No 1's in the last three years. Not just that they're all animated movies, which they are, or they all have unique offbeat animation, which they do. No, the funny thing is that when they initially placed on my end-of-year list, none of... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 Movies of 2018: Mirai (4)

4. Mirai Fun fact, I actually juggled this and Maquia's positions back and forth about half a dozen times while making this list, before eventually making my decision on which one to rank higher. And, if you read the review I wrote for it back when I first saw it, you can understand why I love it... Continue Reading →

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