My Top 10 Movies of 2018: Funan (10)

10. Funan

…Well, it’s good to start this list off on a light-hearted note, right?

Seriously though, I wrote my initial review for this back in November, a review that was probably one of my most introspective pieces of the year and writing it legit made me think a lot about the way I watch movies like this. And needless to say, time has only made it linger more strongly in my mind. The film is an animated production set during the Cambodian Genocide, following a separated family during their trials and tribulations at the hands of the vicious Khmer Rouge. It is also a phenomenally powerful and tragic film that needs to be seen. It wasn’t a pleasant viewing experience by any means, but it was a necessary one nonetheless and really made me think about what it even means to ‘enjoy’ a movie about tragic real-life events.

Now, I suspect most of you probably haven’t had a chance to see it yet, since I watched it at a festival and it hasn’t really rolled into cinemas yet (I’m personally hoping the producers are planning to give it a shot at the animated Oscar nest year), but if it happens to end up screening near you, I’d definitely say check it out. But don’t go in expecting any light-hearted animated fun. This movie will crush your soul every bit as hard as Grave of the Fireflies and arguably even harder. That’s just the sort of movie it is.

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