Film Reviews- Godzilla: King of Monsters

Well, this was disappointing. Now, I’ve mentioned this a few times around the internet, but I honestly genuinely like the 2014 Godzila movie. It has its large share of problems, certainly, and I can understand why others dislike it, but it has so many genuinely great and memorable moments that, for me personally, make up... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Films: A Man with a Movie Camera (1929)

1929 Highest Grossing Film: The Broadway Melody (also the first major musical of the sound era)- $4,366,000 Best Picture: The Broadway Melody What happened this year? Pretty dang important year, actually. The Wall Street Crash happened, which led to the Great Depression, there were significant riots in Palestine, Stalin expelled Leon Trotsky from Russia and adopted a country-wide... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928)

1928   Highest Grossing Film: The Singing Fool (a follow up to the Jazz Singer)- $5,916,000 Best Picture: None (Early Academy Award Ceremonies weren't actually based on calendar years, so the schedule is somewhat screwy right now.)   What happened this year? Pretty interesting year, actually. Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, Herbert Hoover became president, construction was approved... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: Metropolis (1927)

1927   Highest Grossing Film: The Jazz Singer- $7,630,000 Best Picture: Wings   What happened this year? This was actually a pretty important year for film. Not only was The Jazz Singer released, aka the first major popular 'talkie' feature film (and following in the footsteps of Birth of a Nation by being both incredibly important in film history... Continue Reading →

Capes and Cowls: Twisted Sister

Author's Note: This story is a sequel to The Baron and the Princess.   It is sometimes said that the path that turns a person towards villainy is a long one, filled with much strife, tragedy and anger. Princess Lucinda Lucce wasn’t entirely certain that statement was accurate. Oh certainly, she had her own fair... Continue Reading →

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