Film Reviews: Dilili in Paris (2019)

Okay, so I imagine most of you guys have absolutely no idea what this movie is, let alone what makes it so absolutely batshit insane that I had to make a review about it. And I don’t blame you. I’d never really heard of this movie either, at least until I saw it on a... Continue Reading →

Capes and Cowls: Morning Commute

Author's Note: This Story is a sequel to Scrapping and Sidekicking. Read Parts One and Two here.   As far as much of her friends and neighbours were concerned, Tiff was not a particularly complex girl. Not to say she was shallow or unemotional, mind. On the contrary, she could be very emotional when she felt... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: The Philadelphia Story (1940)

1940 Highest Grossing Film: Rebecca Best Picture: Rebecca What happened this year? Pretty big year for cartoons actually. Not only was Disney’s Pinocchio released, as well as the (at the time) less successful Fantasia, but 1940 was also the first appearance of Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Daisy Duck, Elmer Fudd and Woody the Woodpecker (Although Bugs,... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: Stagecoach (1939)

1939 Highest Grossing Film: Gone with the Wind Best Picture: Gone with the Wind What happened this year? Eh, not much important of importance. ... ... ... ... Alright fine, a lot of important things happened this year. In fact, one of the earliest events of the year was the Pope fucking dropping dead of a heart... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: Modern Times (1936)

1936 Highest Grossing Film: San Francisco- $5,273,000 Best Picture: The Great Ziegfeld What happened this year? Getting away from Germany for once, this year saw the death of King George V in January, leading to his son Edward VIII taking the throne… only to abdicate in December to marry an American woman (and also because he might’ve... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: 1935

1935 Highest Grossing Film: Mutiny on the Bounty- $4,460,000 Best Picture: Mutiny on the Bounty What happened this year? You know, I don’t usually like to start these yearly summaries off on a downer note, but I’ll make an exception here. After all, this year led to the beginning of years of strife and torment, the likes... Continue Reading →

Watching Old Movies: The Thin Man (1934)

1934 Highest Grossing Film: The Merry Widow- $2,608,000 Best Picture: It Happened One Night (which is great, fyi) What happened this year? More shitty Nazi stuff. In this specific case, the Night of Long Knives, where the Nazis purged the significant left-wing and anti-Nazi conservative political factions of their country. This was shortly followed by Hitler declaring... Continue Reading →

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