31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 30: Eyes Without a Face

Day 30: Eyes Without a Face   Premise:  A genius scientist whose daughter has been disfigured in an accident, decides that the most reasonable course of option to help his daughter is to kidnap pretty women, surgically remove their faces and reattach them to his daughter. Things go about as badly as you'd expect. Thoughts: Man,... Continue Reading →

31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 28: Piranha 3D

Day 28: Piranha 3D   Premise:  An earthquake causes a underground chasm to open up, containing thousands of angry, bloodthirsty prehistoric piranhas. Also a large number of scantily clad teens are throwing an enormous party not far away. What the fuck do you think is going to happen? Thoughts: I can’t hate Piranha 3D. I really... Continue Reading →

31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 26: Tarantula

Day 26: Tarantula   Premise:  The mysterious death of a severely deformed scientist draws the attention of a small-time Arizona doctor. Curious about the strange death, the doctor decides to investigate the scientist's former colleague Dr Gerald Deemer, a man working in secret on what he believes to be a formula that will revolutionise science as... Continue Reading →

31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 25: Re-Animator

Day 25: Re-Animator   Premise:  Scientist Herbert West has discovered a method to re-animate the dead! What could possibly go wrong?! Many many things! Thoughts: I finally got around to covering an adaptation of a Lovecraft story! Huzzah! I mean, sure, it was a short story and has very little to actually do with the rest... Continue Reading →

31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 24: The Eye

Day 24: The Eye Premise:  Mun, a violinist who has been blind from birth goes through an eye transplant with an unknown donor to restore her eyesight. However, not long after the surgery is complete, Mun starts to see strange visions and ghostly people around... Basically,-   Thoughts: Boy, it sure has been a while since... Continue Reading →

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