31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 24: The Eye

Day 24: The Eye

Premise:  Mun, a violinist who has been blind from birth goes through an eye transplant with an unknown donor to restore her eyesight. However, not long after the surgery is complete, Mun starts to see strange visions and ghostly people around…




Boy, it sure has been a while since we had a good Asian horror on the menu. Maybe I just used too many up in the first few days, but they’ve been pretty scarse lately. Still, this one was plenty good enough to fill the void and I enjoyed it quite a bit.

I may have joked about it while writing the premise but, in a lot of ways, this movie really does remind me of the Sixth Sense, albeit if it was specifically focused on the kid, there was no Bruce Willis and the entire premise played a lot lot more for horror than it already kinda is. The spirits in this movie are creepy and unhinged and disturbing to watch and the premise itself allows for a lot of quick little spooky setpieces with them, a lot of which were really fairly memorable. There was the jumpscare of the calligraphy ghost, the unsettling mystery of the report card ghost and an incredibly tense sequence involving one elderly ghost in an elevator that it didn’t surprise me to learn that many people consider one of the standout scenes of the movie.

But yeah, I honestly really ended up really enjoying this quite a lot. Or at least for the first half. The second half, however, I wouldn’t exactly call bad, but it ends up transferring more into a mystery than a straight horror and isn’t quite as interesting as the protagonist just going around and seeing all kinds of strange and unsettling supernatural events. There is a great twist that sets it off involving a mirror, but the mystery itself didn’t compel my attention as much as all the ghostly stuff.

And as for the climax… I’m kinda mixed on it. I get what they were going for and I think it really could’ve worked well and indeed was fairly emotionally affecting at some points, but it also suffers from the movie clearly not quite having the budget they needed to pull it off and ending up resorting to a lot of cheap looking CGI, which kinda undercuts the tragedy of the moment a lot.

Still, as much as I’m sounding down on this movie and its second half, I did really enjoy it a lot. The premise was inventive, the spooks were strong and it had some great horror sequences. And even when it lost momentum a touch in the second half, I’d never really call it outright bad, just not quite as good as it once was. Overall, while I’d say it’s less overall consistent than, say, Dark Water, it made up for it by having higher highs and more spooks and scares.

Was is Scary?: I will never trust an old man in an elevator again.

Was it Silly?: Bad CG at the end did not help things

Overall Grade: A-

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