Escape From Red Scorpion Prison

Nobody has ever escaped from Red Scorpion Prison.

Used by the Kingdom’s biggest Crime Cartel as a dumping ground for various ‘undesirables’, the prison is a practical fortress, located deep in the middle of an unforgiving desert, isolated from the outside world and staffed by guards with dangerous superpowers. There’s a reason the prisoners believe escape is impossible and that one would have to be mad to even try.

Enter our heroes. Young, bold and seemingly with no self-preservation instinct whatsoever.

Concocting a plan crazy enough to work (or equally explode in their faces), four plucky prisoners, each with strange powers of their own, put aside their differences in a daring attempt to win their freedom. But with murderous guards, ambitious underlings, evil siblings and their own personal neuroses standing in their way, will the four even survive long enough to pull off their heist, let alone successfully escape?


My NaNoWriMo Project for 2019, Escape from Red Scorpion Prison is a lighthearted fantasy adventure that I will hopefully be updating all throughout November. The first chapter will be released in the next hour and all further chapters will be indexed below.

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