31 Horror Movies in 31 Days- Day 4: Audition

 Day 4: Audition

Premise: An aged widower is convinced by his son to try and find a new love. He is convinced by a friend to hold an ‘audition’ for his new wife by interviewing various different women. While the audition is initially a bust, he does meet an interesting young woman with a tragic past, named Asami and becomes infatuated with her.

Absolutely nothing bad comes from this. Totally. He probably didn’t need that foot anyway.


Okay, first things first, I swear this list isn’t going to be all terrifying Japanese chicks. Seriously, I don’t know why they keep turning up, but this is the third in a row now. At least this one isn’t a ghost, as far as I could tell.


Okay, so yeah, this was kinda fucked up. I mean, admittedly,  I kinda knew that going in, since the whole ‘girlfriend turns out to be a psycho yandere’ twist in this movie is pretty well know. And chances are that if you’ve heard of the movie, you’ve also probably heard of at least of the shit that ends up going on during it. It’s credited as one of the things that popularised the ‘Yandere’ trope after all. But, even knowing what it was going to be like going in, it still managed to squick me out more than once. It’s the sort of movie that I kinda wish I could see in a packed theatre if only to hear the audience reaction at various moments.

Still, I have to admit, I was kinda surprised by the first half or so of the movie which was… well… surprisingly normal considering its reputation. Hell, take out a few of the more suspicious moments and you could almost mistake it for a tame romcom or something. No (obvious) Yandere’s or piano wire or needles or kiri kiri kiri kiri to be seen. And sure, I’ll admit I wasn’t amazingly engrossed during that first half (and thought it maybe went on a touch too long) but, I appreciated the way it almost lulled you into a false sense of security before slowly scaling up the Holy-shittery. And boy did it end up going balls-to-the-wall insane as it went on.

The fact is, the movie is fucked up and unsettling and grotesque and that’s even before the big torture scene at the end. The flashbacks of Asami’s abusive childhood only become more and more strange and unsettling the more we see of them and need I even fucking mention Bag Man? In fact, on second thoughts, let’s not mention Bag Man because huuuuugggh.

I will say that if I did have any problems with the movie once shit starts going off the walls is that it kinda had a slightly abrupt ending. Maybe I’ve just been spoilt by other insane gore/torture movies (which is… not a sentence I ever thought I’d say), but I felt like the big torture scene was leading up to something a bit more than what we got. And Asami’s death was kind of a disappointment. Still, as far as crazy-ass Yandere torture flicks go, I think I more or less got what I was expecting and I can see why this is considered a classic in that genre.

Is it Scary?: Kiri kiri kiri kiri

Is it Silly?: Maybe, in that terrifying Yandere sort of way.

Overall grade: B+

Also, just a brief spoiler for tomorrow’s movie, but I’m not going to be relying on the RNG for it. Why? Because I’m actually going out to the cinema to see this one. And it’s also maybe not technically a horror movie as one might imagine, but it stars a pretty horrific figure as the lead… kinda.

Okay, it’s Venom. And I’m including it on the list because I want to see Venom. And it’s my list, so screw you.

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