31 Horrors in 31 Days- Day 18: Alligator

Day 18: Alligator



Premise: There’s a giant alligator in the sewers that is eating people. Other people want it dead for rather understandable reasons. This ain’t exactly a complex plot.


Boy, the Wheel of Chaos sure has been giving me a lot of variety in the last few days, huh? After the surrealist one-two of Eraserhead and Hausu, I’ve had an Italian giallo movie, a 90’s slasher (with a philosophical kick), a pair of TV movies covering a classic ghost story, a 50’s sci-fi monster movie and now, a blatant Jaws copycat. Still, as far as Jaws imitators go, Alligator… honestly wasn’t half bad.

Obviously, I’m not going to pretend it’s actually on the same level as Jaws, because of course it freaking isn’t, but as far as a monster movie about a giant alligator living in the sewers goes, it was pretty dang fun. The main character is likable (although I’ve always had a soft spot for cynical cops), the plot moves relatively quickly, there are some good kills and a great sequence where the alligator goes on a rampage at a party, killing a bunch of assholes in true 80’s fashion.

Honestly, it’s not really a movie I have all that much to say about. It does what it says on the tin. Giant alligator rampages and eats people. What more do I need to say? It’s not Jaws, as much as it tries to capture the feel, but it’s a perfectly fun watch in its own right.

Was is Scary?: If you’re afraid of alligators, I guess.

Was it Silly?: Yeah, but in the right ways.

Overall Grade: B+

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