Watching Old Movies: Intro

Yeah, the title’s kinda self evident for this one, isn’t it?

Okay, to explain in a little more detail, I recently tried to make myself a list of my all time favourite movies, out of all those I’ve seen. While I was admiring my naturally perfect and impeccable taste, I couldn’t help but notice how lacking said list was in regards to older films. Sure, there were a couple of old classics scattered here and there, but it made me realise how few of the really famous older films I’d actually seen. And, since I’d been meaning to try and get back into watching more films anyway, I figured I might as well kill two birds with one stone and make a project out of it. And then write about it. Because I am nothing if not determined that everyone should hear my opinions.

Basically, my plan is to watch and review one old film every week (or couple of weeks depending on scheduling), starting with a 1920 movie, then going onto 1921, then 1922 and so on and so forth, all in the aim of getting to at least… let’s say… 1999 (by which time I should either be thoroughly sick of the project or ready to go around for another go). In addition, I’m going to grade and rank them as I go along according to my favourites, because what I think this website really needs is even more film lists/rankings.

Brief warning though, while I’m obviously going to be watching a lot of the most famous movies of the time while doing this, I’m also primarily going to be targeting the sorts of films that I personally am/think I would be interested in. So it’s highly possible I may skip over a classic or two if there’s a lesser known movie that looks significantly more appealing to me. So in that regard, expect to see a lot in the way of comedy, horror, action and animation (once it eventually turns up) and not too much in the way of long sweeping romantic dramas. I don’t have anything against those sorts of movies, but it’s just not my cup of tea. So just warning you about that now.

Right, with all that out of the way, let’s get started shall we? And I’m going to be beginning my marathon with a certain 1920 German expressionist horror that some of you might have heard of…




>>Start Here>>



1920 (The Cabinet of Dr Caligari)

1921 (The Goat)

1922 (Nosferatu)

1923 (Safety Last)

1924 (Sherlock Jr)

1925 (Battleship Potemkin)

1926 (The Adventures of Prince Achmed)

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